Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 4: In the land of red and green

17 May 2012

        Another one of the thousands of things that have impressed me about Uganda ever since I was looking down from the plane was the land and its colors!  The ground here is red, RED.  It is made of clay instead of just dirt and that is why it has such a strong color.  When it gets wet it feels as if you are walking on spilled paint and becomes very slippery.  That is why when we went to the market the other day, with our Tom’s and flip flops, we all more than once nearly face planted on the piles of food, the people, or just the mud itself.  One time, one of us slipped and almost fell and all of the women around us began to laugh and laugh!  It was very funny, and now that I look back and imagine ourselves from a third person perspective I find myself laughing as well.  

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